Overtone singing


Overtones are the oldest, most natural and most universal musical language. Singing literally two sounds at the same time is easy, by filtering the sound with the mouth and the throat. Many people who hear the sounds of their own overtones for the first time are touched very deeply and get immediately into another state of mind. So did I. Besides the fact that overtone singing connects the two hemispheres of your brain you will experience better understanding of your voice, of your body, of yourself and of the world that we are a part of.

Journeys to Mongolia and lessons form Hosoo, Glen Velez and of course by the Master of Overtone-singing, Wolfgang Saus inspired me to explore my voice. Besides concerts i offer private lessons. Together with Brigitte Bruckner I offer workshops, for example in Lilienfeld, lower Austria, and an overtone-intensive week in Aegina, Greece. For further details check www.oberton.at