Rhythms of Silence


The solo-format is rather unusual for drummers and percussionist. It limits, and on the same hand it opens spaces. Music from the heart, coming from silence and going back to silence…

I play on percussive sound instruments with many overtones, like gongs, singing bowls, hang and special framedrums. This ragbag of instruments will be enriched by overtone-singing and the indian syllyble-language Konnakol. Therefore it comes to a very unusual mix, which results in long, muslilayered, trance-like and melodic rhyhtm- and sounspaces. This lets vibrate the audience in different levels.

I like to give the term “worldmusic” another note: here it is not only about the reproduction of music from different cultures, but about the opening of inner Worlds through music, which touches us in our origin.


The same named CD was released in 2011. It was a try, to connect my different fields of work together. The CD can be purchased here in my shop, as well as on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other digital music stores.